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About Us

Welcome to Nebula Supermarket

Whether you are a new guest or an old friend, we  are happy to see you here.The story behind this bar and restaurant is a tale of fun and friendship. In April 1995. I opened Nebula as a supermarket specialising  in items for our foreign residents and tourists. We started in a small way and had lots of encouragement and our customers became friends.Behind the shop was a patch of jungle leading down to the bank of the Bentota River.

With the help of friends I cleared the jungle and in 1996 reacted a small hut and created a garden and restaurant for friends and guests to relax and have fun. Gradually this became a popular meeting place so over the years I extended the restaurant built a new bar and pavilion, added a pier and improved all the facilities.

I was only able to do this because of the help and advice generously given by the customers, friends and professionals. It is because of the encouragement of Sri Lankan and foreign residents and visitors who have become regulars that we have been able to make Pier88 the neighbourhood’s most popular bar and restaurant.